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Who We Are

SkyView® is focused exclusively on the investment banking and financing needs of independent and registered investment advisors. We provide financial advisors with guidance and capital for practice succession, acquisition, merger, and debt restructuring.

Historically, bank financing for mergers and acquisitions for financial advisory practices was very limited due to nominal tangible assets. SkyView's team of wealth management industry veterans, provides an efficient quantitative and qualitative underwriting process that facilitates securing customized investment banking and financing solutions.

In a collaborative effort with financial advisors, our team provides sellers with immediate liquidity at attractive valuations and buyers with requisite M&A guidance to propel your advisory practice to the next level.

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South Carolina Hybrid
Conventional (non-SBA) | Fixed Rate | Wealth Management Loan
Synchronized M&A Solutions
Investment Banking

SkyView® offers integrated listing, investment banking and financing solutions.


Our Managing Directors' experience in the financial services industry equips SkyView Partners® to assist you through the delicate nuances of an acquisition.

Today, there are 50 buyers for every seller; however, there are only 5 advisors who are actually prepared to acquire another practice for every seller. SkyView Partners® can help you prepare for a lucrative practice acquisition strategy while providing prompt liquidity to sellers.

SkyView Partners’ industry experience can help prepare you for an acquisition strategy or practice sale.

Debt Restructure

Advisors have sought SkyView® to restructure existing loans at more favorable rates, terms and conditions from our network of RIA lenders. Advisors also engage SkyView® to refinance their RIA SBA loans into non-SBA (conventional) loans. This enables our borrowers to:

  • Fix rates
  • Remove all liens against their homes and other personal property
  • Reduce monthly payments

Additionally, advisors utilize SkyView Partners® to refinance outstanding seller notes for a myriad of reasons, including lowering monthly payments and accelerating liquidity for specific sellers.


SkyView’s experience when both advisors remain in one practice can help mitigate common hurdles in practice mergers.

RIA practice mergers involve two separate practices merging into a single entity. Merger transactions benefit from relying on the cash flow and enterprise value from both practices to bolster key credit metrics required for financing. Mergers yield minimal client conversion concerns, but melding two corporate philosophies into one organization adds complexity.

SkyView's financial services industry experience can educate you on navigating the nuances of a successful merger.

Succession Planning

SkyView Partners® specializes in providing immediate liquidity to senior advisors at attractive market valuations.

With over 100,000 advisors set to retire and increased regulatory burden, succession planning has accelerated dramatically. Senior advisors may have very different plans: If your succession plan includes sale of all, part, or multiple tranches of the practice over time, we can help.

SkyView Partners’ financial services industry expertise can prepare you for financing the legacy of your practice with liquidity over a time period tailored to your needs.

The SkyView® Process

In a well-defined process, our investment banking and credit personnel deliver customized M&A transactions and financing, with simplicity, independence, wealth management industry expertise, and personal service.

SkyView Partners empolyee in staff meeting


Our wealth management industry-specific experience in mergers, acquisitions, successions, partial sales, and a myriad of hybrid transactions can facilitate your M&A initiatives.

Our conventional (non-SBA) approach to wealth management lending offers a more dynamic alternative to the confusing, time-consuming, and cumbersome SBA underwriting process. SkyView® provides a collaborative and seamless process that enables banks to lend to advisors with expediency and efficiency. On average, we require 80% less documentation (tax returns, personal financial statements, etc.) from our borrowers than current industry averages.

SkyView® provides efficiency around your M&A initiative with a responsive investment banking team, term sheets in under two weeks, and funding in as little as 30 – 45 days.

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Our multi-disciplined team of credit analysts, attorneys, and investment bankers has over 130 years of combined experience in the wealth management and banking industries. This expertise enables our investment bankers and credit analysts to collaboratively structure transactions that proceed to close with higher success and increased efficiency and fairness prior to submitting your financing request to our national network of regional and community banks. As a result, saving time streamlines the M&A process and increases the likelihood of closing and closing on time.

SkyView Partners Staff Meeting


As an alternative to receiving a quote on rates and terms from one bank, SkyView Partners® underwrites your capital request and submits your financing application to our network of progressive lenders via our SkyLender Marketplace®. Our Team recognizes the unique needs of each M&A transaction in conjunction with insight into our banks’ varying credit policies; as a result, SkyView® can help match each borrower with the bank best suited for their near and long-term M&A financing strategy.

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Our leadership in the wealth management industry is evidenced in our customer experience by:

  • Acting in the best interests of our clients
  • Providing complete transparency around fees
  • Timely, accurate service

Ultimately, SkyView® strives to offer a customer service experience commensurate with that delivered by our financial advisors to their clients every day.

Your career goals require capital.