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SkyView Partners has extensive experience with your financial advisory growth initiatives. Navigating the hurdles of a successful merger or acquisition, in conjunction with bank financing, propels your career to the next level. Our online resources enable advisors to mitigate the obstacles that oftentimes thwart M&A deal execution.

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Preparing for an Acquisition

Today, there are 50 buyers for every advisory practice seller, yet there are only 5 advisors who are actually prepared to acquire for every seller. SkyView Partners can help you prepare for a successful practice acquisition strategy. There are several client and firm factors necessary to execute a successful acquisition.

Succession Planning

With over 100,000 advisors set to retire and increased regulatory requirements, legacy/succession planning has accelerated dramatically. Advisors may have very different plans: SkyView Partners allows retiring advisors to customize your exit strategy:

Preparing for Merger

As regulatory requirements are accelerating and success of organic growth stalling, more advisory practices are contemplating a merger to facilitate their initiatives. Advisors considering a merger, should consider several important factors surrounding clients, and their respective advisory practices.

Bank Financing

SkyView Partners’s underwriting process requires information from the purchasing/borrowing advisor and the selling advisor. Our quantitative and qualitative process evaluates several factors.

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