SkyView Partners’ Advisory Practice Board of Exchange (APBOE) Unveils Top 25 PurchasingPower Leaderboard

Financial advisor ranking empowers buyers and sellers with important guidance for practice succession, acquisition, merger and debt restructuring

May 23, 2023 09:15 AM ET

NEW YORK--()--The Advisory Practice Board of Exchange (APBOE®), a financial advisor marketplace to buy and sell wealth management practices, announced the 2022 Top 25 PurchasingPowerTM Leaderboard—a national financial advisor ranking of creditworthiness and readiness to purchase another practice.

The 2022 Top 25 PurchasingPowerTM Leaderboard is comprised of wealth management firms with the 25 highest scores on APBOE out of the over 4,500 advisors nationwide seeking to acquire practices. Rankings are determined by a proprietary scoring methodology that analyzes 28 data points provided by advisors on the platform. Prospective buyers who complete the PurchasingPower™ verification process are assigned a rating from 1 to 10.

“Since its inception in 2019, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the number of buyers and sellers on APBOE,” said Scott Wetzel, JD, CEO and co-founder of SkyView Partners and APBOE. “The Top 25 PurchasingPowerTM Leaderboard is updated in real time and represents the very best wealth managers to consider when exploring the sale of your practice. On the buyer side, firm owners can see where they rank, access resources to increase their PurchasingPowerTM and increase their competitive edge.”

Top 25 firms on APBOE’s PurchasingPower TM Leaderboard:

  1. Diversified, LLC, DE - 9.42
  2. JTL Wealth partners, TX - 9.4
  3. Coastal Wealth Management, CT - 9.37
  4. Wilde Wealth Management Group, AZ - 9.16
  5. AWAIM®, CA - 9.14
  6. Montis Financial, MA - 9.06
  7. Liberty Bell Financial Group, CA - 8.76
  8. Tomren Wealth Management, CA - 8.75
  9. Coastline Wealth Management, NY - 8.73
  10. Kuttin Wealth Management, NY - 8.67
  11. ProWealth Financial, MN - 8.67
  12. Monarch, CA - 8.59
  13. Affinity Wealth Management, LLC, DE - 8.56
  14. E.A. Buck, COStandard8.53
  15. Credent Wealth Management, IN - 8.49
  16. Hays Financial Group, MN - 8.39
  17. Roseville Wealth Management Group, PA - 8.35
  18. Steel Ridge Advisors, Inc, NY - 8.31
  19. M1 Capital Management, MI- 8.24
  20. Atlas, NJ - 8.23
  21. Tax & Capital Management 360, CA - 8.22
  22. WP, TX - 8.18
  23. Creekmur Wealth Advisors, IL - 8.18
  24. Windsor Oak Wealth Management, GA - 8.05
  25. Oakwood Capital Advisors, LLC, MN – 8.0

To learn more about APBOE’s PurchasingPower TM Leaderboard, click here.

The APBOE® Index reflects the average multiple on revenue paid for wealth management practices as reported by the M&A consultant and IBD participants on APBOE®. The APBOE® Index does not reflect every transaction in wealth management mergers and acquisitions. APBOE® charges zero subscription fees to Standard access buyers. Buyers who receive designations incur fees for their respective designation level.

About Advisory Practice Board of Exchange (APBOE®)

The Advisory Practice Board of Exchange (APBOE) is a financial advisor marketplace to buy and sell wealth management practices. APBOE is a neutral site for multiple third-party valuation providers, M&A consultants, investment banks and independent broker dealers to list sellers, search buyers, and ultimately sell practices. Sellers on APBOE can ascertain creditworthiness and practice readiness of prospective buyers from our proprietary PurchasingPower™ scoring methodology. Buyers on APBOE can increase their likelihood of acquiring practices by receiving a verified PurchasingPower™ score. APBOE is a subsidiary of SkyView Holdings, LLC.

About SkyView Holdings, LLC

SkyView is a Wayzata, Minnesota and Los Angeles, California-based investment bank and specialty lender dedicated exclusively to supporting the M&A endeavors of independent and registered investment advisors. SkyView offers listing services via the Advisory Practice Board of Exchange (, M&A consulting from a wealth management industry dedicated investment banking team, and access to bank financing through a national network of progressive, well-capitalized lenders ( SkyView's Synchronized M&A Solutions® provides financial advisors with a cohesive and efficient experience to implement and execute their M&A initiatives.


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