Business Banking Relationships for Financial Advisors.

Business Banking

Planning to grow your business?

Your business banking relationship matters.

Advisors who have a pre-existing relationship with a bank that funds loans for wealth management acquisitions are in the best position to obtain financing when they need it. Banks appreciate doing business with applicants they know – existing business banking clients.

SkyView works with a network of banks that fund M&A growth for independent and registered financial advisors. Unlike big box or national banks, SkyView bank partners are comprised of regional and community banks who offer:

  • Personalized and responsive customer service associates
  • Dedicated treasury personnel who understand the banking needs of your practice

Banking Advice with Skyview


Key Benefits


How will you select the bank you refer me to?

During a consultation call, we will assess your M&A goals and current bank services. Our Treasury Services Team will review your needs and recommend a prospective bank partner.

Why do banks prefer to lend to their existing customers?

Providing additional services to a pre-existing client benefits both parties by establishing a known relationship with a bank partner who can better understand your business operations and needs.

How much work is involved in moving my business operating account?

Specialty commercial banks employ personalized service in conjunction with technology to facilitate a frictionless account transfer process and make it as easy as possible.

Is there a fee?

SkyView charges depositors no fee for moving banking accounts. SkyView, the bank and the customer benefit by placing our customers in the best position to retain financingwhen M&A opportunities arise.

Is there a minimum operating account balance to transfer or maintain my account?

SkyView works with a large network of bank partners; account minimums will be addressed in your personal bank assessment.

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