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The Advisory Practice Board of Exchange (APBOE) is a financial advisor marketplace to buy and sell wealth management practices. APBOE is a neutral site for multiple third-party valuation providers, M&A consultants, investment banks, and independent broker dealers to list sellers, search buyers, and ultimately sell practices.

Sellers on APBOE can ascertain the creditworthiness and practice readiness of prospective buyers from our proprietary PurchasingPower™ scoring methodology. Buyers on APBOE can increase their likelihood of acquiring practices by receiving a verified PurchasingPower™ score.

For more information and to see FAQs regarding APBOE, visit our FAQs page.

Image previewing the financial advisor marketplace for buyers & sellers from APBOE.

Seller Benefits

At APBOE, we not only pair buyers with sellers, but our team also prequalifies your practice for financing available from one of our partner banks. Sellers enjoy several APBOE attributes:

  • Complete anonymity and data security
  • Buyers are unable to contact sellers
  • After reviewing prospective buyers, sellers control the communication by contacting buyers
  • Access to PurchasingPower score of interested buyers providing an efficient screening process
  • M&A consultant representation to ensure most attractive listing prices, promote a seamless transaction and create deal structure that is eligible for bank financing
  • Bank financing analysis to determine the amount of financing a seller’s practice qualifies for prior to setting a list price
  • Bank financing options from our national network of lenders in our Lender Marketplace to provide customized solutions to meet an individualized retirement glidepath
Image previewing the seller listing format

Buyer Benefits

APBOE is a comprehensive platform for serious practices acquirers. Buyers benefit from a number of our platform’s features:

  • No subscription fees
  • Seller search functionality that provides clear results on verified opportunities
  • All seller listings are verified by APBOE and their respective M&A consultant
  • Only Verified Sellers can search buyers; your Practice Profile will not be accessible to other buyers
  • Buyers can increase their probability to buy a practice by increasing their PurchasingPower™ score
  • Updates on your Bookmarked Practices to give you insight into the progress of a seller listing
  • Access to conventional and SBA lenders for up to 95% of the purchase price

Contact APBOE Customer Service

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