SkyView Partners Headquarters in Minnesota

SkyView focuses on providing access to financing exclusively for RIA acquisitions, mergers, successions and debt restructures. SkyView has partnered with over twenty-five regional and community banks across the country via our digital Lender Marketplace.

Our Credit Team understands the credit policies of each of our RIA lenders to facilitate a partnership with the bank best suited to finance your RIA acquisition financing initiatives. For tips on ensuring the most success with your bank partner, review our Borrower Best Practices.

Financial advisor loans can be funded utilizing an SBA or conventional loan structure. There are advantages and disadvantages inherent in both SBA and conventional lending.

SkyView Partners'
Standard Loan Structure *

Loan Structure

Conventional RIA Loans (non-SBA)

  • Flexible: Allows sellers to sell a portion of practice and stay on after sale
  • Fixed rates for the entire loan term
  • No liens on your home or other personal property required
  • Approximately 27 - 35 documents are required from the borrower to close
  • Pre-payment penalties: Typically, 1% - 4% over the first three years of the loan term
  • Origination fee around 2% of the loan amount
  • No SBA guarantee fee
  • No application fee


  • Limited flexibility: Seller must sell 100% of practice and depart firm entirely within one year
  • Predominately variable rates for the entire loan term
  • Liens placed on your home or other personal property may be required
  • Approximately 150 documents are required from the borrower to close
  • Rigid SBA guidelines preclude partial practice sale
  • Sellers are required to depart the business entirely within 12 months
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • No origination fee
  • SBA guarantee fee that fluctuates depending on the loan amount, around 3%
  • No application fee

*The above does not constitute a proposal and is not a commitment to lend. The fee, rate, terms, and conditions are for informational purposes only and will require formal credit underwriting and approval.

**Due to unprecedented volatility in equity and bond markets, we are quoting a larger range of rates based on projected close dates.  If your closing date is scheduled in the near term, financing should price at lower rates. Closing dates scheduled further out may price at higher rates.