What type of transaction are you interested in?


Our team’s experience in the financial services industry equips SkyView Partners® to assist you through the delicate nuances of an acquisition.

Today, there are 50 buyers for every seller; however, there are only 5 advisors who are actually prepared to acquire another practice for every seller. SkyView Partners® can help you prepare for a lucrative practice acquisition strategy while providing prompt liquidity to sellers.

SkyView Partners’ industry experience can help prepare you for an acquisition strategy or practice sale.

Debt Restructure

Restructure existing loans at more favorable rates, terms and conditions from our network of RIA lenders. Advisors can also refinance their RIA SBA loans into non-SBA (conventional) loans. This enables our borrowers to:

  • Fix rates
  • Remove all liens against their homes and other personal property
  • Reduce monthly payments


RIA practice mergers involve two separate practices merging into a single entity. Merger transactions benefit from relying on the cash flow and enterprise value from both practices to bolster key credit metrics required for financing. Mergers yield minimal client conversion concerns, but melding two corporate philosophies into one organization adds complexity.

SkyView's financial services industry experience can educate you on navigating the nuances of a successful merger.


SkyView Partners’ financial services industry expertise can prepare you for financing the legacy of your practice with liquidity at attractive valuations.

With over 100,000 advisors set to retire and increased regulatory burden, succession planning has accelerated dramatically. Senior advisors may have very different plans: If your succession plan includes sale of all, part, or multiple tranches of the practice over time, we can help.

Regardless of your transaction type, SkyView Partners® can facilitate your financing request from a national network of regional and community banks.