May 12, 2020

White Paper: Should Explosion in the National Debt Cause Us to Worry?

The COVID-19 pandemic response has thrown the US economy into a recession, with GDP declining and unemployment rising at a pace not seen since the Great Depression.

April 22, 2020

White Paper: Expense Reduction Options for RIAs in Uncertain Times

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April 18, 2020

After month in COVID-19 hell, Charles Schwab spends $27 million to placate staff, RIAs and investors -- an amount dwarfed by $37 million spent to keep three M&A deals chugging ahead

The San Francisco broker coughed up cash to quell rare internal strife in March as workers faced battle conditions -- and couldn't all shelter in place -- as trading exploded, retail calls spiked 16%…

April 17, 2020

RIA Valuations, Financing Options Remain Strong: Echelon

The wealth management sector remains “super healthy” despite the pandemic, managing partner Dan Seivert says. RIA valuations and the amount of available debt financing for M&A transactions…

April 14, 2020

WEBINAR: Paycheck Protection Program and the Value of a Community Bank Partner

As financial advisors receive varying receptivity from their respective banks for Paycheck Protection Program loans, SkyView Partners hosted a webinar on the value of having a community bank partner.…

April 09, 2020

COVID-19 throws a curve ball at RIA M&A market, gut-punching valuations and causing fence-sitters to resolve to get the hell out, but Q1 prices hold their own

M&A rainmakers hedge their bets on how deep COVID-19 will drive cuts to RIA sale prices, although first quarter market has been stable. The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world took RIA valuations…